Tips from Northern Air

1. Change filters once a month, when you receive your electric bill.

2. Filters with a higher merv rating are more restrictive. As the filter gets dirty, up to 3 times more restrictive than the cheap filter. We recommend the pleated filter for those with allergies.

3. If you have hot spots throughout your home, you can have us come out and do a complete air balance of your home.
Keep the fan running will help circulate the air flow when system is in the off cycle or temp has been satisfied.

4. Turning ceiling fans on in the reverse direction will move the air flow up by ceiling to down low causing system to turn on in heating fewer times.

5. During Arizona monsoon seasons indoor coils produce more water and if not properly protected could cause thousands of dollars in drywall ceiling damage as well as wall damage. We can properly install a safety shutoff at the unit in the attic in the drain line to prevent this.

6. Preventative Maintenance – Reasons to have done

      a. To keep system running at its factory rated performance (SEER) rating.
      b. To prevent bigger items from failing by catching the little stuff up front, can prevent thousands in repairs.
      c. Capacitors are like batteries to make it simple to understand. If a battery goes dead in your car it leaves you stranded. Same with the AC system. It will leave you uncomfortable.
      d. If a capacitor goes bad your motors will try to start but will not be able to causing your motor or compressor to overheat and lock up or burn out.
      e. If you notice your system takes longer to cool your house down chances are the system is low on Freon. Can hurt the efficiency by as much as a ¾ of rated (SEER).

7. If you have an older home and are concerned you might have air duct leaks here are some ways to tell:

      a. Dustier in the home.
      b. Will be dirty at the supply air register openings (depends on filters and if they are being changed regularly).
      c. Home not cooling down at usual rate.
      d. If you see insulation coming out of supply air registers.
      e. If any of this is happening, please give us a call and we can come out and take a look.
      f. Wight options of sealing duct with sealer or product called aero seal. Aero seal does not work on new homes. They are 80%-90% flex and will only work as shown on square duct with small leaks. Bigger leaks will have to be closed, taped and sealed with mastic. Mastic is the best way to go on homes with air leaks.
      g. If you are a winter visitor, when you return back home leave thermostat on 85 degrees and have someone check in on the home weekly. This will help the fridge and freezer operate easier.

8. Do not turn system off or up when you leave for work or errands. When you get home and turn the thermostat down you will cause the system to run harder and longer to cool the house down.

9. If your R-22 system has a Freon leak or compressor burns out or locks up than replace your system. Update to a newer and more efficient system. R-22 is phasing out as of 2020 and R-22 Freon and parts to repair will cost you a fortune.


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