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Ventilation is the process of promoting good air circulation or flow in an enclosed area. It involves the replacement of indoor air with fresh air from outside. With proper ventilation, air quality in the home or commercial structures are maintained and humidity is kept at an ideal level.

Basic Types of Ventilation
There are several types of ventilation. Depending on the size of a property as well as its structural design, one or a combination of these types may be needed in order to promote proper air circulation.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation involves the use of mechanical equipment to promote proper air movement in an enclosed area. It is usually recommended in places where there’s insufficient natural air flow in a particular space.

Equipment used for mechanical ventilation includes fans, vents, and ducts. Most buildings and structures have some sort of mechanical ventilation. An example of which are exhaust fans commonly installed in kitchens to help remove odor and moisture in the air.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation refers to air movement without the use of mechanical equipment. This occurs when there’s sufficient airflow in interior spaces that passes through windows, doors, and other openings. Areas with good natural ventilation requires less assistance from mechanical ventilation.

Task Ventilation

Task ventilation works the same way as mechanical ventilation, but it’s focused on a particular area or space in a property. It involves a thorough and extensive design, which makes it expensive.

Benefits of a Proper Ventilation System

Good air quality is the main benefit of having a ventilation system that’s well-maintained and tailored around your property. It helps reduce the presence of pollution, dust, pollen, smoke, and carbon dioxide within interior spaces. More so, it eliminates odors, helps control temperature and humidity, and prevents air from becoming stagnant.

Ventilation systems help protect your health from harmful particles. It can also safeguard the contents in your property from damage caused by excessive humidity.

Because ventilation systems can do so much for your household, it’s important to keep them well-maintained. Schedule regular cleanings and maintenance check-ups to determine whether the system is still in tip-top shape or needs to be repaired.

Repair or Replace

Due to wear and tear, your ventilation system may need to be replaced or simply go through repairs. If you’re not sure which route is ideal for your property, Northern Air can help you out. We can conduct an assessment of your ventilation system and recommend the right course of action to take.

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